Milwaukie Montessori is by far one of the most amazing experiences your child can have. We found out about Mrs. Antoinette and her school after our first son had already entered Kindergarten. After such high recommendations from other families we chose to send our next two boys to her school. I have to say it was the best thing we could have done. My boys learned more in their time at Milwaukie Montessori than I could have hoped. They both entered Kindergarten at a private Catholic school well above the level expected. I'm still amazed at how well they learned reading, math, home skills and other studies at their ages.

She provides a wonderful safe, loving, educational, sharing, teaching, firm and calm environment for her students to achieve their best success. We grew to truly care about Mrs. Antoinette and her family. I feel so blessed that my family was able to be a part of the wonderful program she provides.

Katie Martin
Happy Valley

Milwaukie Montessori was a God-send to my family. I have one child that excels academically and one that struggles a bit. Miss Antoinette and Mr. Krishan were outstanding at tending to their individual needs.

This school is one of peace and protection. The environment is rich with positivity. The children learn everything from math, reading, gardening, geography, public speaking and how to help each other.

"There is no finer school in Portland metro. You are very lucky to get your child into Milwaukie Montessori School. For us, I believe that it was divinely intervened. I cannot say enough about the learning environment. It is wonderful!"

Carmen Martin

Our son attended a Gates-funded preschool for two years. The children had everything imaginable at their disposal, and we thought our son was receiving the best education possible... until we sent him to Milwaukie Montessori. Our son learned more in two weeks at Milwaukie Montessori than he did in two years at his previous school.

There is a certain magic in the air, but we know it's not magic--it's purposeful teaching. Children are eager to learn and do well. As a result, preschoolers graduate with a sense of accomplishment, a love of learning and a respect for each other that is unparalleled.

Kelly Elliot

In 2008 we enrolled our oldest child in Mrs. Antoinette’s program and since our younger two children have started attending Milwaukie Montessori. During their time at the Milwaukie Montessori they have received exceptional instruction, love and compassion. The classroom is stocked with authentic Montessori equipment where the children can focus on their learning and development. All the materials in the classroom have an educational purpose and they cover a wide range of development skills. Our children have been intellectually stimulated every day at school and are always excited to tell us about the schoolwork they have completed. It has been an incredible journey to see what our children are capable of doing when given the right instruction and materials.

Another aspect of the school is the way Mrs. Antoinette has genuine love for each child and their family. It's great to see them excited about the music Mr. Krishan has taught them and the Spanish they learned from Ms. Peggy. It has been an honor and pleasure to be part of the Milwaukie Montessori family. Our family has greatly benefited from every moment we have been part of this school.

We hope you will consider joining our family at Milwaukie Montessori.

Chip & Donna Higgins